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    Solar energy or solar power is really a great alternative to other energy sources and also low cost and eco friendly. It is also true at some level that spinning solar cells increase efficiency too.

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    Commercial Energy Management

    I very much agree with what you wrote in this article, this is information that I had been looking for, thank you because you are willing to share with us.

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    Great. Really this is the first time to read about it. Wish it could help to make solar solutions more effective.

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    Jose Luis Contreras

    Very informative article. I am always interested in learning about the new advances in solar technology. It looks like cones aren't just for ice cream anymore!

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    Emmanuel Wada

    This technology reduces the area of land needed and increases the amount of power generation. Can the author expand to include the cost per watt ($/W)?

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    Funny to see that it gets much more efficient just by changing the shape. This is just great, well done.

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    Extremely enlightening article. I am constantly intrigued by researching the new developments in solar panel technology.

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    Roxanne Wright

    This article just proves that using solar power has many advantages. The use of spinning solar cells has further developed solar technology. Someday, more and more countries will begin to realize its full potential. Not only will it save a huge amount of money in the long run, it is considered safer than the use of coals.

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    solar energy really a alternative energy. a solar power energy is a good technique of world. it's very important uses in solar panel. There's a great deal of interest about Mono-crystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels.


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