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    I think it is still not cheap enough. The only way to go is DIY. I have found it a good article but I would like to read some more. Can you recommend me some more articles? Thanks.

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    Tom Morley

    I own a company in Scotland providing home owners with solar pv panels and find daylight is as important as sunlight when it comes to generating electricity from the sun. In Scotland it can be cold but bright and the panels work very well.

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    And what about the importance of forecasting the energy our installation is going to produce? It is key in order to plan consumption and to estimate savings. check out this website and learn how energy forecasting could benefit you and your installation's performance!

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    would you mind if I tweet this?

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    Alison Young

    Sky High Energy provides Professional design and installation of Solar Energy products to both residential and commercial clients in Arizona, and New Jersey.


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